This is the official website of the Asian Dodgeball Federation (ADF), the 1st Regional Governing Body for the Sport of Dodgeball in the world. Our members are composed of the leaders from different countries in Asia who are dedicated to the promotion and development of dodgeball in their countries. As such our members are internationally recognized as the National Governing Bodies for Dodgeball in their respective countries.

We are actively looking to help, teach and guide each and every organization or even individuals who would like to promote and develop dodgeball in their country. With our members collective years of experience, grassrots development, innovation and experimentation, we are confident we can offer positive contribution to the ever growing International Dodgeball Community.

This website was formally launched on January 7, 2011. A big hand of congratulations to everyone who have made the formation of the ADF possible. We look forward to even more historical, long term and sustainable achievements for the Sport we love. Welcome to the ADF!

For God, People, Nature, and Country,

Benedict L. Camara
Asian Dodgeball Federation (ADF)