"Connecting Individuals to Communities"

"Dodgeball as the #1 Community Sport Recognized Professionally Worldwide"

"To Promote and Develop Dodgeball as a Holistic Sport by Infusing and upholding its Values in society"


More than a sport we believe dodgeball is a means to get the youth and people back together to enjoy playing with friends and meeting new people, something that has become less and less common and is one of the primary concerns of our time.

With every dodgeball team that forms and every person we train brings us closer to realizing our dream. We see dodgeball as a sport that everyone can become great at and compete at par against anyone in the international level regardless of race or economic/financial capability. At the same time we also see dodgeball as something that can contribute towards values formation and community development as well.

In this way we believe that in addition to our development of competitive dodgeball, we can also make a positive impact all the way down to the grassroots level and give back to society by acting as a catalyst for strengthening the community spirit.